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Buy Financial management Book By Prasanna Chandra Buy Old Book

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Buy Financial management Book By Prasanna Chandra Buy Old Book

Financial management Book Syllabus Covered :-

  1. Financial management : An Overview
  2. The Financial System
  3. Financial Statement, Taxes and Cash Flow
  4. Analysis of Financial Statement
  5. Financial Planning and Forecasting
  6. The Time value of Money
  7. Valuation of Bonds and Stocks
  8. Risk and return
  9. Risk and Return : Portfolio Theory and Asset Pricing Models
  10. Options and Their valuation
  11. Technique of capital Budgeting
  12. Elimination of Project cash Flow
  13. Risk Analysis in Capital Budgeting
  14. The Cost of Capital
  15. Capital Budgeting : Extensions
  16. Market Efficiency and Financing Decisions
  17. Source of Long Term Finance
  18. Raising Long Term Financing
  19. Capital Structure and Firm Value
  20. capital Structure Decision
  21. Dividend Policy and Firm Value
  22. Dividend Decision
  23. Working Capital Policy
  24. cash and Liquidity management
  25. Credit Management
  26.  Inventory management
  27. Working Capital Finance
  28. Working Capital management : Extensions
  29. Debit Analysis and management
  30. Leasing : Hire-Purchase, and Project Finance
  31. Hybrid Financing
  32. Corporate valuation
  33. Value based management
  34. Mergers, Acquisitions and Restructuring
  35. Corporate Governance and Executive Compensation
  36. Performance Measurement and Balance Scorecard
  37. International Finance Management
  38. Financial management in Sick Units
  39. Financial management in Companies with Special Characteristics
  40. Corporate Risk management
  41.  Behavioral Finance
  42. The Stage of Knowledge



The tenth edition of Financial Management is a comprehensive and up-to-date text that presents the central themes and concerns of corporate financial management. It presents an analytical approach to corporate finance decision-making. It is the most contemporary Indian book available. It helps readers develop a thorough understanding of the theories and concepts in a systematic way.

This new edition is specially designed to keep pace with the dramatic transformation of India’s business and financial scenario. The book captures a well-rounded description of tax and regulatory framework, various issues in financial management, and a discussion of financial management practices with adequate treatment of analytical tools.


✔ New topics included such as Finance in Action, Continuous Compounding, Value of a Put Options, Behavioral Biases in Capital Investments, Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code, Financial Management in Small and Medium Enterprises, etc.

✔Build understanding of the central ideas and theories of modern finance

✔ Develop familiarity with the analytical techniques helpful in financial decision making

✔ Furnish institutional material relevant for understanding the environment in which financial decisions are taken

✔ Discuss the practice of financial management with emphasis on behavioral dimension



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